Duke Numismatics, est. 2013.

Specializing in key date rare US coins and currency. We attend all major National, East Coast and Mid-West Regional coin shows. We travel a lot but keep our finger on the market. This enables us to help astute collectors, like yourself, acquire those hard to find dates for your collection. Also we provide a marketplace for our clients to liquidate or sell their collections/coins at top dollar to just the right collector.

Duke Numismatics is a member of over a dozen organizations, PNG, PCGS, CAC, ANA, FUN, GNA, BRNA, ANS, TSNS, MNS, TNS, CSNS, Whitman Expo, etc and holds show tables at each.

In short, Duke Numismatics is on the hunt for the right truly original rare coins for my clients. However, the old saying goes, “not all great coins are a great deal all of the time”.  Thus my days and travels are spent in a all consuming search for elusive rarities.

The most important thing any collector can do is to build relationships they can rely and depend on over the years. To not only help them acquire the right coins but to advise them in their overall acquisitions either at auction or private treaty. Duke Numismatics would be honored to be considered as one, that being said, anonymity is fundamental and upmost in the services I provide.